[Bahamas] Atlantis: A Family Adventure in the Caribbean

[Bahamas] Atlantis

This article is based on a trip from February 2020. Please see this article for a revisit in December 2023.

Bahamas Atlantis Resort Stay – Latest 2023 Report

Ever since planning a family vacation, we’ve dreamed of visiting the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Caribbean. And let me tell you, it’s a paradise on Earth!

Our impression in one word: “Incredible!” It’s been a while since we had such a fun family trip.

Daily activities included swimming in pools & beaches, sliding down thrilling water slides, and even swimming with dolphins.

[Bahamas] Atlantis Poolside

Evenings were magical, wandering through the enchanting aquariums, trying our luck at the casino, and indulging in sumptuous buffet dinners.

[Bahamas] Aquariums in Atlantis

Exploring downtown when we had some free time added to our adventure. It felt like we were stepping into a luxurious realm, far beyond the ordinary.

Could it be that the character in this well-known fable didn’t visit a magical underwater kingdom, but rather ended up in the lost city of Atlantis? The thought might cross your mind when you witness the lavish and sprawling resort of Atlantis in the Bahamas.

This time, I’m excited to share with you our experiences at the Atlantis (Bahamas), complete with photos to bring the story to life.

Hotels at Atlantis (Bahamas)

Located on a small island just north of the Bahamas mainland, known as Paradise Island, Atlantis is about a 30-minute taxi ride from the airport.

The journey offers a glimpse of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, and leads to the large bridges that connect to Paradise Island. Upon crossing these bridges, you’re greeted by Atlantis.

[Bahamas] The bridge to the Paradise Island

We even crossed the bridge to Paradise Island, where alongside the main thoroughfare, there’s a narrow path just for pedestrians. It’s like stepping into another world!

Here is a map of the Atlantis Resort, which you can obtain at the reception. The resort is dotted with various facilities, making it quite a challenge to grasp the layout with just a map.

[Bahamas] Atlantis Map

This beautiful 3D map looks impressive, but it’s nearly impossible to find specific pathways to your destinations using it. It’s best used for getting a rough sense of the overall direction.

When you’re actually at the resort, rely on the numerous directional signs scattered throughout to guide your exploration.

Overview of Various Atlantis Hotels

[Bahamas] Atlantis Royal Tower Entrance

Atlantis Royal Tower Entrance

Atlantis in the Bahamas boasts a range of accommodations, from newly constructed luxury hotels to older, more affordable ones, totaling six in number. There are also condominiums equipped with kitchens.

  • THE BEACH:This is the most budget-friendly option among the hotel group, without room service.
  • THE CORAL:Slightly older than THE BEACH, offering studio types with kitchens.
  • THE ROYAL:Situated right at the heart of Atlantis, this main building provides the best access to facilities, though some wear and tear on the building is noticeable.
  • THE COVE: A relatively newer building catering to a luxury clientele, featuring an adults-only pool exclusive to COVE/REEF guests.
  • THE REEF: Shares the same luxury focus as
  • THE COVE. HARBORSIDE RESORT: Condominium type with kitchens included. 

We (2 adults and a 7-year-old) stayed from the end of January to early February for four nights and five days. When searching for a room for one child on the Atlantis website, these were the results. (Searched with next year’s dates)

[Bahamas] Atlantis Hotel Comparison

The ranking of the hotels becomes clear when viewed from the bottom up.

Our Stay at the Royal Tower

On our recent trip, we stayed at the slightly older but excellently located Royal Tower. This is the iconic pink-beige building of Atlantis.

[Bahamas] The Rooms at Royal Tower

The Rooms at Royal Tower: Standard Hotel Fare

 Upon check-in, we requested an “Ocean View” room and were promptly accommodated.

[Bahamas] Atlantis

The Ocean View from the Royal Tower: A Glimpse of Rays! Although we spent little time in our room, we occasionally spotted rays swimming from our window!

However, we did notice some signs of wear in the facilities.

Issues like elevators closing relentlessly, sometimes catching people was a bit of a downside.

[Bahamas]The Bathrooms at Royal Tower

The Bathrooms at Royal Tower: A Touch of the Past

Main Attractions Inside Atlantis

The Atlantis resort in the Bahamas boasts an array of facilities, ensuring guests are never bored. The resort is packed with unique events and activities daily, so there’s no need to even step outside.


[Bahamas] Aquarium in Atlantis

Surprisingly, the hotel houses two large aquariums and two smaller ones near the water slide tower, totaling four aquariums!

For more details, please refer to our in-depth article, “A Comprehensive Guide to the Atlantis (Bahamas) Aquariums.

[Bahamas] A Comprehensive Guide to the Atlantis Aquarium

The ‘Aquaventure’ with Countless Pools

Atlantis is dotted with around 15 pools of various sizes, including ones with waterfalls, children’s pools, adults-only pools, artificial lagoons where fish swim, stylish pools with bars and beds, very lukewarm hot tubs, and competition pools.

Each pool has a slightly different water temperature, which can feel significantly different, especially during the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere.

[Bahamas] Poolside at Atlantis

Some pools feature comfortable sofas poolside, volleyball nets, and even bars within the pool itself.

Being particularly sensitive to cold, I ended up purchasing a wetsuit for around $100 (USD) – a surprisingly reasonable price for a resort where dumplings cost $38 (excluding tax). You can buy it at a shop near Dolphin Cay.

The wetsuit, adorned with the Atlantis logo, makes for a great souvenir of the trip.

[Bahamas] Wetsuit at Atlantis

The Atlantis-branded wetsuit (size 8) is made in the USA.

Water Slides at Atlantis

There are about ten slides, including super-fast drops and others where you ride on tubes, spinning around.

[Bahamas] Atlantis Water Slides

The Mayan Temple’s steep slide. At the top, you can’t see the bottom, adding to the thrill. My husband hurt his back on this one (lol).

[Bahamas] Inside the Shark Tunnel at Atlantis

The tube version of the Mayan Temple slide. You gently drift through a tunnel surrounded by sharks swimming in their tank.

During our 5-day stay at Atlantis, it was incredibly quiet except for the last day. There was hardly any waiting for the slides, and even on the final day, the wait was about 10 minutes.

I asked the staff if February was the off-season, and they said, “No, it’s always like this, except during special holidays like Christmas.”

However, note that there are height restrictions for the more intense slides, set at 48 inches (121.92 cm).

[Bahamas] Height Restrictions at Atlantis

Our 7-year-old was just tall enough. Depending on the strictness of the staff, it was either a go or a no-go, like heaven or hell.

Height checks are thorough, with measuring tapes, so those planning a trip with children should be aware.

Rapid River/Lazy River: Thrills at Aquaventure

Embark on an exhilarating journey down the Rapid River, a highlight attraction at Aquaventure. Floating on a tube, you’ll complete a circuit in about 30 minutes. But don’t be fooled by the name ‘River’ – it’s far from tame! True to its ‘Rapid’ title, there are several spots of intense currents.

It’s not uncommon to see people getting toppled from their tubes. Cautionary notes are plastered along the walls, advising to sit with crossed legs on the tubes for safety.

[Bahamas] Rapid River in Atlantis Aquaventure

Prepare for areas with incredibly strong waves!

I ran into a hardy lady who had been staying for 10 days. She mentioned, “The waves are always rougher on weekends. They tend to be calmer on weekdays.” This makes sense, considering the larger weekend crowds might prompt increased water flow – an intriguing piece of insider info!

The aerial view of the Rapid River is impressive. It snakes around the right side of the resort, winding through a complex route, making it a bit challenging to locate the entrance point.

[Bahamas] Rapid River at Atlantis Aquaventure

The extensive view of the rapid river, quite huge!

The Rapid River is extensive and offers a thrilling experience. But if you’re in a rush, don’t worry – there are several exit points along the way for those who wish to disembark early.

The Beautiful Resort Beaches of Hamamatsu at Atlantis

Atlantis boasts four stunning beaches.

The Cove Beach

The beach near The Cove was our family’s favorite. We enjoyed snorkeling there and spotted around a dozen fish.

[Bahamas] Beaches in Atlantis

The Cove Beach

The Royal Beach

Located close to The Royal, this beach is busier, with motorboats zooming by and vendors offering massages and goods. It’s not the most serene spot. On our first day, the sea was rough due to a nearby hurricane.

[Bahamas] The Royal Beach

The Royal Beach

Dolphin Cay Beach

Situated within the dolphin facility, you can relax on this beach for a fee. To swim in the dolphin lagoon, you need to purchase a paid program.

[Bahamas] Dolphin Cay Beach

Dolphin Cay Beach

The Lagoon by The Royal

This semi-artificial beach, connected to the open sea and a river, is teeming with fish. Swimming areas are buoy-limited, but you can spot colorful fish and unique marine life from the bridge on the left.

[Bahamas] The Lagoon Beach by The Royal

The Lagoon by The Royal

Beach Summary

For Nature Lovers: Atlantis beaches might not be ideal for those who prefer natural, untouched beaches.

For the Fun-loving: If you’re looking for a place with everything packed into one, these beaches at Atlantis offer a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Restaurants and Cafes at Atlantis


Atlantis is home to around 20 dining options, ranging from world-famous fine dining establishments to buffet restaurants and casual pizzerias.

[Bahamas] Buffet Restaurant at Atlantis

Buffet Restaurant “Poseidon”: Enjoy a breakfast with an abundant selection of donuts.

Bar Lounges

There are also about 20 bars within the hotel, from luxurious lounges to casual beachside bars.

[Bahamas] Atlantis Lounge

The Royal Café Bar: The lounge here boasts a luxurious atmosphere.

Interestingly, Atlantis also has a Starbucks! Just across the street from the resort, in a small mall, you’ll find a Dunkin’ Donuts as well.

For more details on dining at Atlantis, check out our guide “Everything You Need to Know About Dining at Atlantis“.

[Bahamas] Dining in Atlantis: Things to Know Before You Go

There, you can view a comprehensive list of menus (with prices) from each restaurant.

Instagram Spots & Landmarks at Atlantis

Just the blue skies and white sandy beaches of Atlantis are enough for a perfect Instagram shot. But beyond that, Atlantis offers a variety of photogenic locations.

Atlantis Bucket List

Upon check-in, you receive an Atlantis map, which features a guide on the back titled “Atlantis Bucket List”.

[Bahamas] Atlantis Bucket List

The Bucket List on the Map

We couldn’t visit all the spots, but it’s fun to explore them one by one, almost like a stamp rally for those with enough time.

The heart-shaped swing in front of the Royal Towers

The number one Instagram spot is the heart-shaped swing in front of the Royal Towers – there’s always someone snapping a photo there.

  [Bahamas] Instagramable Spots  

The throne of Poseidon

Near the casino, you’ll find the throne of Poseidon, the king of Atlantis. It’s a popular spot, often bustling with staff photographers, but you’re free to sit and take your own photos without having to purchase a professional one.

[Bahamas] Poseidon's Thrones at Atlantis

The rope bridge over Predator Lagoon

The rope bridge over Predator Lagoon offers a scenic view with a waterfall to the right.

 [Bahamas] Rope bridge at Atlantis

The Pegasus Fountain

At the entrance of The Royal, there’s the Pegasus Fountain, a popular spot for group photos, especially among those waiting for taxis or shuttle buses just before leaving.

[Bahamas] Atlantis Entrance

Night View of Royal Tower in Atlantis

Atlantis is also stunning at night. If you have a night vision-enabled camera, capturing the glittering lights of Atlantis is a must.

[Bahamas] Night View of Atlantis

Bonus Instagram Spot

The Queen’s Staircase in downtown Nassau. This historic site, surrounded by a serene forest atop a hill, is said to have a step for each year of Queen Victoria’s reign. It’s not too crowded, making it a great place to visit.

[Bahamas] Queen's Staircase while touring the city of Bahamas.

I visited the Queen’s Staircase while touring the city of Bahamas.

Other Facilities at Atlantis

Beyond the attractions already introduced, Atlantis is brimming with numerous other recreational facilities.


Located at the heart of the Royal Towers, this sizable casino is a central feature of Atlantis.

The casino’s central area serves as a pathway, and it’s not uncommon to walk through it several times. Children walking through the corridor are not usually reprimanded. At night, the casino comes alive, with crowds gathering around several tables – a must-try for gambling enthusiasts!

[Bahamas] Casino at Atlantis

Located at the center of the Royer tower. It’s usually empty during the daytime.

Shopping Mall (Featuring Many Luxury Brands)

The Bahamas is known for its relatively affordable luxury goods. If you’re interested in high-end brands, it’s definitely worth checking out.

[Bahamas] Shopping mall in Atlantis

Stores such as Gucci, high-end brand stores

Game Center

I visited the game center around 8 PM and found it deserted. It hosts older games like Pac-Man and Dance Dance Revolution. It seems more like a modest facility intended for children.

[Bahamas] Arcade in Atlantis

Game Center located in the Royal Tower. It wasn’t very big

Other Miscellaneous Facilities

I didn’t visit facilities that didn’t interest me, so no photos are available! However, here’s a list of other facilities within the resort:

List of other facilities within the resort:

  • Childcare services
  • Clubs (including vibrant dance clubs for adults and ones for teens)
  • Cigar lounge
  • Golf course
  • Spa
  • Tour desk
  • Library
  • Conference rooms


After highlighting various entertaining aspects of Atlantis, I’ll conclude with this:

Here is the moment I enjoyed the most ↓

[Bahamas] Relaxing at Atlantis Resort

Ah, pure bliss, pure bliss.

While Atlantis is packed with events and facilities, the true essence of a resort experience is, without a doubt, dozing off in the afternoon sun with a cocktail adorned with an umbrella in hand♪

I hope this helps those looking to escape the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy a wonderful resort stay.