[Bahamas] Dining in Atlantis: Things to Know Before You Go

[Bahamas] The Buffet Meal at Poseidon Restaurant

Atlantis boasts over 20 restaurants, along with various bars, cafes, and pizzerias.

Generally, the taste and presentation are tailored for North Americans, which might be slightly unsatisfying for Japanese visitors.

The prices are outrageously high! On top of the already steep prices, a uniform 15% service charge and a 12% VAT (value-added tax) are added.

I had heard that “dining in Atlantis is expensive and not recommended,” but I couldn’t find any menus with prices online.

Therefore, I diligently took photos of the menus during my trip.

In the latter part of the article, I share photos of each restaurant’s menu.

[Bahamas] Atlantis: A Family Adventure in the Caribbean

Restaurants inside Atlantis

Within Atlantis, you can find everything from world-renowned fine dining establishments to colorful buffet restaurants, casual pizzerias, and ice cream shops.

Poseidon (Buffet Restaurant)

“Poseidon,” a family-friendly buffet restaurant in the Royal Tower, is included in the more affordable meal plans, offering breakfast and dinner.

Atlantis Restaurant: Poseidon Drink Bar Atlantis Restaurant: Pizzas Atlantis Restaurant: Pizza Cake Atlantis Restaurant: Crepe stand
[Bahamas] Atlantis Buffet

Breakfast at the buffet restaurant “Poseidon” featuring a heap of donuts.

Atlantis Restaurant: Breakfast

Mosaic (Buffet Restaurant)

Mosaic, situated in Cove, is a bit more upscale than Poseidon, with a similar price range. The ambiance is somewhat more luxurious, with flowing water features.

If anything, Poseidon offers more child-friendly options, while Mosaic caters to adults with slightly more sophisticated flavors.

The freshly squeezed orange juice at Mosaic is highly recommended.

Atlantis Restaurant: Mosaic Breakfast Atlantis Restaurant: Mosaic Breakfast Atlantis Restaurant: Mosaic Breakfast Atlantis Restaurant: Mosaic Breakfast Atlantis Restaurant: Mosaic Breakfast Atlantis Restaurant: Mosaic Breakfast Atlantis Restaurant: Mosaic Breakfast Atlantis Restaurant's Information Atlantis Restaurant: Mosaic Breakfast

Carmines (Italian Restaurant)

A slightly upscale family restaurant. I was surprised by the high prices when I considered visiting based on positive reviews from families with children. We ended up not going.

According to some who have been there, the portions are so large that even Americans find it hard to finish.

Burger Shak (Burger Restaurant)

One of the tastier options in Atlantis, and the prices aren’t too high, so it’s recommended.

Atlantis Restaurant: Burger Shack

Marina Pizza (Pizzeria)

Atlantis Restaurant:Marina Pizza
Atlantis Restaurant:Marina Pizza

Ordered fried chicken, but it oddly tasted like fish oil.

Downtown Local Restaurants (Special Mention)

A guide recommended “Flying Fish,” a restaurant area downtown. It’s about a 20-minute walk west from downtown, but we strolled along the beach to get there.

We tried the super-sized local fish dish “Conch Fish.” It was enough for three people, and surprisingly, both the fish and salad were quite tasty!

Atlantis Restaurant: Flying Fish Conch Fry

Menus of Each Restaurant (With Prices)

Buffet Restaurant

Atlantis buffet restaurant : Poseidon's menu

Note under the menu states “Prices include service charge and sales tax”. A tactic to make the meal plan seem cheaper?

Affordable Restaurants in Marina Village

Atlantis Restaurant: Shack Burger Menu

Burgers range from $10-$20.

Atlantis Restaurant: Marina Pizza Menu

Slice of pizza for $7. A small whole pizza for $23.

Casual Lounge Cafe

Atlantis Restaurant: Plato Cafe Menu

Slightly Upscale Restaurants

Atlantis Restaurant: Carmines Menu

Chicken for $50, beef steak over $100!

Atlantis Restaurant: Seafire Menu

Top-Tier Restaurants

Atlantis Restaurant: NOBU Menu (Sushi)

NOBU’s sushi menu.

Atlantis Restaurant: NOBU Menu

NOBU’s menu. Dumplings for $38 (about 4200 yen)!

Atlantis Restaurant: Cafe martinique Menu

Room Mini Bar

Atlantis Restaurant: Room Mini Bar Menu

Small Convenience Store Next to the Resort (Special Mention)

Atlantis Grocery

A bag of cookies for $12! In Canada, the same product is usually around $2.

Summary of Dining at Atlantis

Expensive and not very tasty!

That’s what everyone says, and our family agrees.

During our stay, we enjoyed the buffet a few times and then mostly ate burgers and pizza at the relatively cheaper Marina Village.

We also managed by bringing along some instant food in our suitcase.

We’re thinking of shopping at a local supermarket and staying in a room with a kitchen next time we visit.

Even though the restaurants in Atlantis are not very exciting for the value of the price we pay, the aquariums and waterpark “Aquaventure” are AMAZING, especially for a family with kids. Here is the link for the related article.


We hope this information helps in planning your trip.