Atlantis (Bahamas) – 12 Tips and Handy Information for Your Stay


Located in the Bahamas, Atlantis Resort on the Caribbean Sea is a dream-like destination. We visited as a family twice, first in early spring 2019 and then during Christmas 2023. In this report, we focus on enjoying this paradise to the fullest, sharing essential tips and valuable information to keep in mind.

For general information about the resort, please refer to these two articles.

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Four Handy Tips for Your Atlantis Stay

Here are some pieces of advice that might come in handy visiting Atlantis resort.

Shuttle Service

Walking from one end of the facility to the other can take over an hour. Free shuttle buses operate from the entrances of each hotel. Make good use of these to fully enjoy the resort.

There appear to be 4 or 5 different shuttle routes, including one that goes to the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel outside the resort.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Shuttle Bus

Shuttle buses circulating within and outside the resort

The intervals for shuttle departures vary depending on the route. Buses covering shorter distances arrive about every 5 minutes, but for longer routes, you might wait 20 to 30 minutes.

Children’s Activities at Atlantis

Atlantis, popular with families, offers services where children can be looked after. The daycare for children up to 12 years old is located inside the Royal Tower.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Club Crush – Kids’ Club

Entrance to Club Crush

For preteens (ages 9-13) and teenagers (13 and above), Club Rush is available in the Coral Tower. You just need to show a passport or other proof of age upon first visit.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Club Crush – Kids’ Club

At the reception of Club Crush

For children wanting to buy snacks during their stay, you can set a spending limit on a paper and sign it. The facility is equipped with video games (like Wii and PlayStation) and table games (like billiards and Jenga), creating a club-like atmosphere.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Club Crush – Kids’ Club

Game consoles inside Club Crush

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Club Crush – Kids’ Club

Club Crush – Kids’ Club

My 11-year-old’s impression was mixed. Their favorite games were not available, and there wasn’t much interaction with other kids. Depending on the child, they might thoroughly enjoy immersing themselves in their favorite video games.

Coconut Cutting

We spotted staff climbing palm trees near the Royal Tower to cut down coconuts, with a sign nearby indicating ‘Coconut Cutting in Progress’.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Coconut Harvesting

Coconut Harvesting

After carefully picking up a coconut, we asked a staff member if they could cut it open for us, and they kindly agreed. We enjoyed the fresh coconut water inside.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Fresh Coconut

Fresh Coconut

Exploring Nearby Resorts (Four Season Resort)

Walking east along the coast from Atlantis, you’ll see the elegant, white building of the luxurious Four Seasons Resort (around $1000 per night). The beach is adorned with amenities like water with lemon and lotions.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Beach at Four Season's Hotel

Beach at Four Season Hotel

The polite staff offer impeccable service. Even non-guests can enjoy dining or visiting the bar.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Bar at Nearby Four Season's Hotel

Bar at Four Season’s Hotel. The bartender personally greeted us with detailed and courteous explanations of our preferences.

If you have time, definitely consider visiting. It’s a place where you can indulge in luxury.

Ferry Frequency Between Downtown and the Resort

Just a 5-minute walk from the resort through the Marina Village, you’ll find the ferry dock. Tickets are sold at a small booth near the dock.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Ferry Dock to Downtown

Ferry Ticket Booth to Downtown

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Ferry Dock to Downtown

Ferry Dock to Downtown

You can gauge when the next ferry will arrive based on the number of people waiting. The frequency seems to be about every 30 minutes. The ferry ride includes a brief guided tour by a speaker and lasts about 10 minutes. Tips are requested at the end.

Important Tips for Staying at Atlantis

To avoid regrets like “this isn’t what I expected!” upon arrival, it’s crucial to prepare in advance. Here are some insights that we wish we had known earlier.

Planning Meals at Atlantis

Resort prices are typically higher, and Atlantis is no exception. The food is quite expensive and not always satisfying.

For restaurant information from our 2019 visit, please refer to this article.

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Tips at Atlantis Restaurants

Bills at restaurants already include a 10% service charge (VAT). During payment, you’ll be prompted to add a tip. Since the service charge is already paid, you can enter ‘0%’ unless you received exceptional service and wish to give more.

Meal Plans at Atlantis Resort

Atlantis offers meal plans that allow dining at specific restaurants during your stay, with Economy and Premier options available. For details, you’ll need to contact the hotel directly.

The plans don’t include ultra-luxury restaurants like ‘Nobu’ or ‘Cafe Martinique’.

We purchased the meal plan during our stay in 2019. We were told at the front desk that we could cancel the plan later. Being light eaters, our family didn’t get our money’s worth, so we cancelled partway through. It turned out to be a great decision.

Dining Reservations and Walk-in Options

If you’re visiting Atlantis during peak season, it’s better to make restaurant reservations in advance. As we visited with a group of 15 during Christmas, our only option for dining together was the buffet at Poseidon. We secured our seats by lining up just before opening. Otherwise, we ate separately.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Poseidon Buffet

Poseidon Buffet

In high season, it’s almost impossible to get a reservation even for two people. But don’t worry. Many restaurants have seats near the entrance for walk-in customers and those waiting at the bar, especially right after they open at 5 PM.

Advance Reservations for Aquaventure Activities

During peak season, all activities at Dolphin Cay are fully booked, with no openings until the following month.

Reservations can be made up to three months in advance, so it’s best to check and book early. It’s pricey, but the experience is priceless.

Children’s Height

Atlantis Resort boasts the vast waterpark ‘Aquaventure,’ a highlight for kids, with various slides. However, be aware of the strict height restriction of 48 inches (121.92 cm).

[Bahamas] Atlantis Height Restriction

In 2019, our child couldn’t ride the slides due to being a few centimeters short, leading to tears all around. We even had our child’s height precisely measured with a tape measure.

[Bahamas] Atlantis Height Restriction

Our child sadly watching others slide

Later, we realized that wearing water sandals that make one appear slightly taller might have helped, but it was too late.

Securing Poolside Seats at Aquaventure

The pool and some slides open at 9 AM. During peak season, by 10 AM, the poolside chairs become sparse, with everyone reserving seats early in the morning by placing towels.

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas: Poolside Seat Reservation

On days when we had time, we also reserved our favorite spot before breakfast. According to the lifeguards, ‘just a towel is not enough. Place personal items like bags or shirts along with it’. We saw cleaning staff removing seats reserved only with a towel.

Aquaventure Crowd Levels

The highlight of the Bahamas, Atlantis, is swarmed daily by cruise ship passengers with day passes, affecting the crowd levels and slide wait times.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Steep Slide

The steep ‘Mayan Tower’ slide in Aquaventure

The least wait times are right after opening at 9 AM or just before closing at 4 PM.

There is one small, hidden hot tub in Aquaventure, near the Mayan Temple. It’s usually extremely crowded, almost exclusively with kids.

Hopefully, more wonderful hot tubs will be added in the future.

Some In-Resort Stores Do Not Accept Room Card Payments

Despite being located within the resort, some restaurants do not accept room key payments as they are only renting the space and are not affiliated with the resort.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: The Dilly Club

The Dilly Club: A wonderful restaurant and bar but does not accept room key payments

When staying at the resort, it’s easy to forget to carry cash or credit cards. Getting caught off-guard when it’s time to pay can be a shock. Be aware.

The State of Atlantis Hotel Towers

Despite paying a high price for our stay at Atlantis, signs of wear and tear in the hotel facilities were evident.

Ultimately, it’s a destination to enjoy pools, beaches, casinos, and adventures rather than expecting top-notch room comfort or service quality.

Activities Inside and Outside Atlantis

Various Links in Atlantis

Here are links to activities within Atlantis Resort. If you have spare time, consider enjoying tennis, gym, or spa.

Activities Outside the Resort Facilities

Deep Sea Fishing

Go deep-sea fishing on a 6-person boat. The price for half a day is $800 USD + $100 tip. We caught a barracuda, which is inedible and was not taken home.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Barracuda Fishing

Barracuda Fishing

Downtown Exploration

Visit the whiskey distillery and art museum. Peeking into the tourist market near the ferry dock is also a good idea. A great way to change the scenery if you’re tired of the resort.

Bahamas: Downtown Whiskey Distillery

Downtown Whiskey Distillery

Bahamas: Downtown Art Museum

Downtown Art Museum

Exumas Islands Tour

There are tours available to cruise the islands, featuring beaches with pigs swimming in the shallows, ponds where you can touch sharks, and beaches where you can feed iguanas. Check out the tour here.

Options range from short 1-2 hour tours to full-day excursions. If you have the time, they’re worth trying out.


We’ve listed information that will make your stay multiple times more enjoyable just by knowing it.

Finally, the author’s favorite restaurant inside the resort is ‘Cafe Martinique’, a French restaurant with elegant decor and live concerts on a Steinway grand piano.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Elegant Interior of Cafe Martinique

Elegant Interior of Cafe Martinique

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: View from Cafe Martinique

View from Cafe Martinique, overlooking luxurious boats

Savoring exquisite steaks while enjoying the night view of Marina Village and the billionaires’ boats, you can indulge in an extraordinary experience.

Atlantis Resort Bahamas: Night View of Marina Village

Night View of Marina Village

Atlantis offers a fantastic escape from the ordinary. Despite some candid information, it comes highly recommended. Definitely worth a visit.